STAR in your own segment HOSTED by

Humor Healing Humanity's Abby Lodmer!

HIRE Abby to CREATE A SEGMENT about you or someone you know who is doing healing work for our world!

This is an EXCELLENT way to PROMOTE your Cause/Business/Self/Organization, and to bring attention to it, as Humor Healing Humanity is widely known, internationally promoted and becoming even more so by the minute!


Humor Healing Humanity is currently a web-series, including interview segments, and a soon-to-be-network television show!


Abby Lodmer is a well-known "Conscious Comedienne" and has an extensive following and promotional team.


Your segment will be promoted and viewed by countless people and your business will thrive from this promotional vehicle!


Most importantly, we will have FUN creating the magic in your segment!  


Get ready to have the BEST interview EVER!




*Professional Camera and Camera Operator to film segment


*Fabulous, Creative Interview by Abby, with chosen subject(s)/organization (including camera-coaching and pre-interview meeting)


*Editing to Completion ~ with Music, Effects and Credits


*Executive Producer Credit at End of Segment


*GOOD KARMA for supporting a CONSCIOUS SHOW!


Love, Light and LAUGHTER to you all!